Duty Ratings

Innovation is our strength. And our ladders have the numbers to prove it. Featherlite Ladders are rigorously tested to conform to the requirements of the Canadians Standards Association (CSA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

The appropriate rating for each ladder is achieved through an extensive series of test required by the various standards.

When selecting the duty rating adequate for your needs you MUST allow for the combined effect of: the weight of the user, equipment, and materials; and, any forces that may be imparted to the ladder while working from it.

Type III, Light Duty, 200lbs.

Suitable for household use, light duty, capable of supporting 200lbs. Uses: Light cleaning and painting.

Type II, Medium Duty, 225lbs.

Suitable for commercial use, medium duty, capable of supporting 225lbs. Uses: Light commercial and general repair, painting, and cleaning.

Type I, Heavy Duty, 250lbs.

Suitable for industrial use, heavy duty, capable of supporting 250lbs. Uses: Building maintenance, general contracting, and sheet rock.

Type IA, Extra-Heavy Duty, 300lbs.

Suitable for professional use, extra-heavy duty, capable of supporting 300lbs. Uses: Building maintenance, contracting, and industrial construction.

Type IAA, Super-Heavy Duty, 375lbs.

Suitable for professional use, super-heavy duty, capable of supporting 375lbs. Uses: MRO and industrial construction.